New to ClayHouse?

Connecting with people in meaningful and intentional relationships, where the grace and truth of Jesus Christ can be experienced, is necessary for our continued journey in growing closer to God. Most of us are not instantly healed when we come to Christ. We still are affected by the pain of living in a broken world. Let’s face it—a lifetime of hurting and being hurt by others has taken its toll, and pretending that everything is fine is no longer working.

God designed us for relationship. It is impossible for us to do and to be everything we need for ourselves. We need God, and we need each other. He has given us the ministry of healing and love to bring to each other and to our neighbors. Connecting with people is our passion—we firmly believe that God wants us to connect in humble, meaningful relationships so we can experience His grace, truth, and love in new and powerfully real ways. Our small groups are the place to facilitate the process of growing closer to God and becoming authentically connected to other people.

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 A.M.